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Danish is sweet bread that is layered in the viennoiserie group. This concept was brought to the Danish region by Austrian bread makers, and has since developed into a special product in the area. Like other pastries, like croissants, this is a variant of puff pastry made from dough containing yeast which creates a layered texture. This special Petit Paris Boulangerie Danish jenish product is available in two variants, Danish Cinnamon and Danish Raisin.

Commercially made puff pastries are available at Petit Paris Boulangerie … Special puffs made from margarine are the most commonly used type because they provide richer flavors and flavors in the mouth. Puff pastries made in this way will often have a smooth, soft taste in the mouth. Special margarine formulated for high plasticity (the ability to spread very thin without breaking) we use for industrial production of puff pastry. Types of puff pastries available from us such as: chicken curry puff, apple puff, chicken puff, sausage, cheese and many other choices.